Curriculum Vitae English


Institute of Musicology at the University of Copenhagen, 1988

The Sibilius Academy, Helsingfors, 1990

The Conservatory of Rythmic Music, 1992

Studies of composition at the The Conservatory og Rythmic Music, 1996 – 1998 with Bob Brookmeyer a.o.


Through the years I have among others played with:

Danmarks Radios Big Band, James Moody, Ed Neumeister, Dick Oats, Bob Brookmeyer, Jim McNeely, Deborah Brown, Bill Dobbins, Bob Mintzer, Tim Hagans, Niels Jørgen Steen’s The A-Team, Klüvers Big Band, Ib Glindemann’s Orchestra, Beibom/Krooner Big Band, The Orchestra/Beats & Big Band, Ann-Sofi Söderquist Quintet, Riel/Lundgaard/Dahl/Nielsen Quartet, Carsten Dahl/ Christina Dahl Duo, Marilyn Mazur/Lars Danielsson/CarstenDahl/Christina Nielsen Quartet, Sophisticated Ladies, Dahl Trio with Jesper Lundgaard and Morten Lund, Heartbeats/Christina Dahl Trio with Jesper Lundgaard & Espen Laub von Lillienskjold and Niclas Knudsen.


I have played larger jazz festivals. Among others:

Montreaux International Jazz Festival, Aberdeen Youth Festival, Keitele Jazz Festival, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Vancouver Festival m.fl. and have been travelling as a musician in among others the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Pharao Islands, Iceland, Russia, Great BritanScotland, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, The Schwizz, Italy, Frankrig, Kina, Tyrkiet, Litauen, Tanzania & Canada.


As a soloist I have been performing with among others The Finnish Radio Orchestra, Tip Toe Big Band and The Danish Radio Concert Orchestra.

I have furthermore performed in plays with The Orchestra, dancers and actors in European Ran.

I have also played in theater orchestras at Amagerscenen, Folketeateret, Easy Living (Kafkafeen), Cirkusrevyen, Det Danske Teater, Det Ny Teater, Rossen og Rønnow, Folketeateret and Gladsaxe Teater.


I have composed music for the Danish/Hungarian Musical Summit at The Danish Radio during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and for The Danish Radio Concert Orchestra, The Jazzgruppe 90 and String Quartet, The Orchestra, Athelas Ensemble, The Symphony Orchestra, April Light Orchestra, Ann-Sofi Soderquist/Christina Nielsen Quintet, The Cornelius Trio, Christina Nielsen Quintet, Riel-Lundgaard-Dahl-Nielsen Quartet, Christina Nielsen Quartet with Marilyn Mazur, Lars Danielsson and Carsten Dahl, Det Gyldne Landskab, released on cd with Carsten Dahl, Heartbeats, Carsten & Christina Dahl Duo, My Trio with Jesper Lundgaard & Morten Lund and Christina Dahl trio with Jesper Lundgaard & Espen Laub von Lillienskjold featuring Niclas Knudsen.


The Walther Klæbel Memorial Award, 2012

DJBFAs Honorary Award 2011

The Bent Jædig Award 2010

The Ben Webster Award 1994

Second prize at the Europe International Jazz Contest i Belgium 1994 with The Christina Nielsen Quintet and the award for the best arrangemet of an original by a Belgian composer.

I have taught at:

Karlebo Musikskole, Farum Musikskole, Rytmisk Center, Sankt Annæ Gymnasium MGK, Slagelse Musikskole MGK, Køge Musikskole MGK, Ishøj Kulturskole & MGK, Halsnæs Kulturskole and various workshops and courses, Nordjysk Music Conservatory, Vestjysk Music Conservatory and at the Conservatory of Rhythmic Music in Denmark.


The Orchestra: “Not as Softly”,1993

The Orchestra: “Smoke Out”, 1996

The Orchestra: “Noxx”, 1998

The Orcheatra: “New Skies”, 2001

The Orchestra: “Beats & Big Band, 2003

Sophisticated Ladies: “To you”

Sophisticated Ladies: “Strange party”

Sophisticated Ladies & Christina Dahl: “S.L. Plays Ellington”

Sophisticated Ladies & Christina Dahl: “In Spirit” 2012

Henriette Clemens, Henrik Metz & Christina Dahl

Christina Nielsen: “From this Time Forward”, 1995

Christina Nielsen: “A Touch of Happiness”, 1999

Ann-Sofi Söderquist/Christina Nielsen: “Heartflower”, 1998

Carsten Dahl og Christina Nielsen: ”Lys på Himlen”, 2000

Carsten Dahl & Christina Dahl: ”Det Gyldne Landskab”

Christina Dahl: “Heartbeats”, 2003

Christina Dahl Heartbeats: “Free your Mind”, 2006

Christina Dahl: “Now is Now”, 2010

Christina Dahl: “Life’s Carousel”, 2014